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On Thursday, April 2nd, Governor Reynolds ordered an extension to the school closures through April 30th. This means our CRCSD buildings and schools will...

Health Care Services


Metro Care Connection - Health Care Services

Metro Care Connection health centers are open during school hours only and are located at:

Jefferson High School 1243 20th St. SW 558-2221 Map
Kennedy High School 4545 Wenig Rd. NE 558-2054 Map
Metro Alternative High School 1212 7th St. SE 558-2272 Map


Individual clinic hours/days may vary. Please call to schedule all appointments

Our health centers offer health care to all Cedar Rapids students, but particularly for families without access to health insurance or a primary care provider, and for families who may have a high deductible. Each health center is staffed by a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP). Our nurse practitioners are able to provide well care and management of common medical concerns. Metro Care Connection is not intended to be a substitute for a regular family physician or health care provider.

Services include:

  • Physical examinations and immunizations
  • Treatment of minor illness (i.e., ear infection, strep throat)
  • Basic laboratory tests (i.e., throat cultures, urine tests)
  • Prescriptions for medications (i.e., antibiotics)
  • Health education and counseling
  • Referral for complex medical conditions
  • Referral for counseling services

In order to receive medical care at one of the school-based health centers, students under the age of 18 must have a completed consent form signed by a parent/guardian**. Parents / guardians are requested to be present for scheduled physicals or appointments. Please see the forms section on this website to download this consent form.

** Iowa codes 139A.35 and 141A.7 provide that a minor may consent for diagnosis of pregnancy/sexually transmitted disease testing and the treatment of any STD and that the consent of a parent or guardian is not necessary for these services.