School-Based Health Center and Services 

Metro Care Connection is a collaborative school and community effort offering school-based health care services to all CRCSD students since 1998.

Health care, mental health counseling and substance abuse counseling are available for students and their siblings if the family is without access to other services. These services are available thanks to a partnership between Cedar Rapids Community Schools, The Abbe Center, the Area Substance Abuse Council and local grants and gifts.

Metro Care Connection is staffed by 3 Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, 7 mental health therapists, and 3 substance abuse counselors.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Metro Care Connection School-Based Services is to support student learning and the physical, social, emotional, and behavioral health of all students by collaborating to provide school-based healthcare, mental health services and substance abuse counseling.



Annual Notices of Board Policy
Anti-Bullying / Harassment Policy
Non-Discrimination Policy
Notice of Privacy Practices

To Make An Appointment

Metro Care Connection school-based services are available to all CRCSD students and their siblings if the family is without access to other services.

Because Metro Care Connection is an extension of the health services in our district, referrals are Facilitated through the school nurse whenever possible. If you would like to make an appointment with a Metro Care Connection nurse practitioner or counselor, please contact your child's school nurse for more information and appropriate paperwork or call the Metro Care Connection Program office directly at 558-2481

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